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《Pro PHP and jQuery_Jason Lengstorf_英文版》pdf电子书免费下载






Pro PHP and jQuery_Jason Lengstorf_英文版

作者:Jason Lengstorf



《Pro PHP and jQuery_Jason Lengstorf_英文版》介绍

Jason Leng stor fisa webdesigner and developer based in Big SkyMySQL, AJAX.and web standards.webdesigners and developers from all over the world specializing inpremium custom websites.In his off hours, he runs a clothingHe spends most of his time running Ennui Design:a collection ofcompany called Humble cock tM and tries to make time for hobbiesMincluding gol, travel, and hunting down new beersxii

About the Technical Reviewer

Robert Ban his an a ceo mpl shed developer, working incode since the exs tence of Pluto.Hes know i for hacking core5ystems and deploying websites over the weekends.Hespecializes in building custom PHP/MySQL web applicationsan gteclgesuchaszendrameok and Code gnerDepending on the project, he's known to jump from e ontentmanagement systems of Wordpress, Drupal, and ExpressionEngine toe-commerce solutions of Magen to and Shop if yand aligning hand drawn boxes into a960gnid.He alsodreams in hex colors.tsp a sonics on hwo.de sine and bud inscustom solutions for clients stemming from IBM, HP, Unisys,and KLRU, to smal mom and pop shops and non-p to i organza tins.He is current yemplyedatteUniversity of Texas at Austin where they let him run free and code in multiple frameworks andexperiment taking over the world with unorthodox designs for the webmentoring or t weeing, you can find him attending Refresh Austin each month.Robert has a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin.If hes notAcknowledgmentsI feel like I should probably thank Robert Banh, Michelle Lowman, and Anita Castro first.They put upwith my insane schedule, inability to makeup my mind about the books content, and my generalscattered work habits.Mom and Dad, T've said it before, but thanks for everything I couldnt have done it if you hadntbeen wilgtoputupwtmymanydentt crisesScott, Mike, Harris, Rhino, Amie, Shannon:thanks for forcing me to be social and leave the house everyonce in awhile.Checkers, thanks for setting up the tee times.of couse ned to thank Die w.Hens.and Tam for o in nheEnnulDsnteamandalwngme to take the time to write.It's great to have people with whom I can bounce ideas around:youTo Peter, Rose, Moly, Lue y, Kathryn, Jenna, and the rest of the girls at Caffe Do lee.you'easrepos bifothsbokeachngcomplnas tam.Thanks ortemembengmyorderndsI wastoo frazzled to articulate,Everyone at the Montana Programmers meetups-lan Merwin, We sHunt Monica Ray, NathanCollins, and everyone whose name escapes me rightnow-l have more fun at those meetups than I doat most gatherings.Thanks for showing up and proving that even Montana can have a developerscommunity.And of course, to the online community-Rob MacKay, And reaL aV all eur, Mike Conaty, Chriseverywhere; you just don't see us because were all inside on the computer.

In the first part of this book, you'I be getting familiar with the history and basiccapabilities of jQuery.By the end of this section, you will have a general grasp on theoverarching concepts behind jQuery, and-after you've revisited object-oriented PHPin Part 2-you'lIbe ready to tackle the exercises in Part 3(where you actually startbuilding area-world project with jQuery and PHP) .Evalua ion Warning:The document was created with Spire.PDF for.NET.

CHAPTER 1Introducing jQuery

To fully understand jQuery and its applications in modern web programming.i's important to take amoment and look back at where jQuery came from, what needs it was built to fill, and whatprogramming in JavaScript was like before jQuery came around.jQuery is the library of choice for the majority of web developers.Youll also learn the basics of jQuery.In this chapter you'I learn about JavaScript libraries and the needs they seek to ful fl laswell as whyincluding howto make the library av all able for use in your applications and how the core of jQuery-itspowerful selector engine-works.Choosing jQuery over JavaScriptTo be fair, all the things that make JavaScript seem difficult are part of what make it so powerful, butthat doesn't make it anymore inviting to a novice webdeveloper looking to add JavaScript to his arsenal.Understanding JavaScript LibrariesThe steep learning curve associated with JavaScript has been a sore spot for developers for years, and asfrustrations grew, several ambitious developers started building JavaScript libraries, also referred to asJava Scr pt frameworksThese libraries aimed to simplify the use of JavaScript to make it more accessible to both new andexisting developers by creating easy-to-use control functions that remove some of the heavy lif ing fromeveryday JavaScript tasks.Libraries are especially useful in the realm of Asynchronous JavaScript andXML(AJAX I due to the complexity of performing the same tasks using straight JavaScriptJavaScript libraries aim to provide a simpler syntax for common tasks, which translates to a fasterworkflow for developers and a less intimidating leaming curve for beginners.They also eliminate someof the headache involved in coding cross-browser JavaScript by doing all the compatibility checks foryou within their built-in methods.

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